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We build a global community of people, passionate about wildlife conservation. By protecting wildlife  and inspiring others to conserve the natural world we all share and are part of, we improve the lives of people, animals and our (children’s) future.

We choose to make life an opportunity to inspire and make an impact on the world we live in. We  believe changing the effectiveness of conservation in Africa is possible, and it’s our mission to explore all opportunities, both local and global, to make this happen.

We always look for new partnerships, ideas and collaborations to achieve our goals, create freedom and inspiration to make a difference.

Everyone can make an impact.

Safari Leadership Retreat

A Journey that challenges you to be the best version of you.

Born out of our love for South-African wildlife and nature, and our experience with personal and business development, we’ve decided to create an environment for people to connect, grow, and transcend themselves.

10 days shared with 10 impact-driven entrepreneurs at the Karongwe Game Reserve in South-Africa. Home to the big 5 and located to the South-West of the Kruger National Park.

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WSP Blog

In our blog we share our thoughts on topics, posts, news and what’s happening in the world of wildlife conservation. We aim to inspire, start discussions and challenge the way you view the natural world around you and your place in it.

We focus on pure conservation in some cases and connect conservationism to business or personal development in other cases. By choosing the categories you will get an easy overview of what’s you’re lookiong for.

If you came across an interesting item that you think is interesting and matches our vision, please do share it with us by sending an email to

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