Last week I came across a blog post on National Geographic called ’35 Animal Brawls caught on camera’. It triggered my interest immediately, as I wondered what their point of view on this matter is. And especially considering the catchy title they gave it, I wondered what direction the post would have.

The way animals interact is a huge lesson for us humans, especially in business.

Too often do I hear business owners talking about ‘annihilating the competition’ or ‘wiping them out’. Too many entrepreneurs are busy being better than the rest at the expense of anything. It’s all about image.

One of the reasons I love being out in the bush is that it opens my eyes to what is real. I can get lost in the mine field that is my life and business every day. Every day I can get lost in the minute details re-starting a business can throw at me, or the importance people around me give to things and I let that shift my focus.

Being out in the bush allows me to put all these things in perspective. When anybody asks me WHY I take entrepreneurs into the bush for a 10-day experience, part of my answer is this:

Animals of the same species do not kill each other out of spite, difference of opinion, religion or even competition. Now before you go ahead and say “BUT, then and then this lion killed another lion because they were competing” …I know! Let me put that in perspective; Less than 1 percent of animal deaths are caused by animals of the same species. Why only 1%? In my humble opinion, it is because of one simple reason; Animals want to live. They value life, and will do anything not to get hurt or die. If they do get hurt or die, it simply was a mistake.

Animals fight over dominance, resources, mating; They fight over survival, and these fights rarely end up in death. They do however serve a very important purpose; survival of the fittest and most adaptable. And that, over time, results in a much stronger gene pool for all species.

Let’s translate that to business.

  • Dominance: being the market leader in your niche
  • Resources: having the best product, service
  • Mating: having the best team

So, when I do business I strive to be the market leader, I offer the best products and services and I aim to build the best team I can.

Next to that, I want every entrepreneur out there to do the same. I want you to do the same because my vision is to create an impact on the world. A world in which we build each other up, inspire each other to be better, be more adaptable and more successful than we could ever be on our own.

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After spending years in the hotel industry, I decided it was time to change direction. I ventured out into consultancy and met lots of awesome people and projects along the way. It was my 28-day Safari Guide experience in the bush in South-Africa that spawned my passion and love for wildlife conservation. Nowadays I am committed into growing Worldwide Success Partners as a positive leader to make an impact on and change the face of wildlife conservation in South-Africa.

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